Working with Mike has been an effective, efficient and enjoyable way for me to improve my level of physical conditioning. His gym is exceptionally well equipped, clean and comfortable. I greatly appreciate the privacy of our exercise sessions. There is no competing with others for equipment and Mike’s attention is dedicated solely on providing me with the best possible exercise experience. Mike has tailored a program specifically for my challenges and goals, and keeps meticulous notes on what I have done and my progress, and makes changes to my program as needed. Mike is 100% focused on how I am performing each exercise and I am confident that I am getting the maximum benefit from each session.


Toronto, ON.


Mike is a personal trainer that anyone could benefit from. He is positive, encouraging, and very attentive. Mike sat with me during my initial fitness assessment and helped me set specific, realistic, and achievable goals. Once my goals were set, Mike created two custom programs that were focused on giving me the best opportunity to achieve these goals. I especially appreciate the way Mike celebrates each small achievement on the road to reaching my goals. As someone who works in the field of aging, I think Mike’s business is very timely. There is mounting medical evidence that shows weight training and regular exercise are essential factors in preventing many age related ailments. Mike sets the stage for success ….all you have to do is show up and work hard.  Thank you Mike!


Toronto, ON.


I had been exercising on my own, feeling some benefit but needing some direction. A personal trainer was a consideration. I read an article about Michael Bedard and Forever Active and staying fit after 50 in the Toronto Star. I checked out the web site, made an appointment to meet with Michael and 30 sessions later I am feeling great and moving forward preparing to meet the challenges of old age.

Michael is very professional about his clients training program, he designs it to fit you. He helps you set realistic goals that are challenging but achievable. In the gym he is encouraging, personable, witty and professional all of which is aimed at maximizing your potential. His knowledge and training in sports medicine also helps you exercise through any injuries you may. This is something that we have had to do. One of the best tools he uses is the 10 week re-evaluation process which highlights how you are progressing. It also red flags any areas that need to be focused on more.

I would highly recommend Mike and the  Forever Active Gym as I did to my wife who is now training with Michael, she suffers from rheumatoid arthritis.


Toronto, ON.