“Success is in the Doing”


Eliminate “Ageism” in our society.

(Footnote- “Ageism”- The negative comments of stereotyping of the Older Adult as frail, inactive & not valuable to the rest of society).


To promote healthy, active lives for all older adults


1. Prevention of Functional Loss

– by increasing older adults health and fitness reserves thereby preventing;

a. Premature disability

b. Functional dependency

2. Promote Active Aging

– Process of optimizing opportunities for physical, social and emotional/mental well being so the older adult is an active, productive, independent and valuable member of our community.

Target Group

Men over 50 who are either;

1. Physically Independent

– Live independently but have low health and fitness reserves.

– Have not been physically active and feel “out of shape”.

2. Physically Fit

– Exercise at least 2 x’s per week for their health, enjoyment and wellbeing.

– Have high health and fitness reserves.

3. Physically Elite

– Train on almost a daily basis and either compete in sporting event (senior or otherwise) or work in a physically demanding job.


“If we are not careful, we could actually live until we die”.


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