90:10 Rule, The Single Best Thing You Can do for Your Stress

Strategies for stress control

Concussion 101

Learn the basics about Concussions.

Resistance Training Improves Cognitive Function

Research from UBC demonstrates that progressive resistance training improves cognitive function in older adults

Fit Over 50 – Hamstrings

Learn how to exercise your hamstrings effectively and safely .

Fit Over 50 – Triceps

Learn how to exercise your triceps effectively

Fit Over 50 – Biceps

Learn how to exercise your biceps effectively

Fit Over 50 – Chest Exercises

Learn how to safely exercise the chest muscles.

Fit Over 50 – Back Exercises

Learn how to strengthen the upper, mid and low back safely.

Fit Over 50 – Abdominal Exercises

Learn how to do abdominal and oblique crunches in a safe way.


Learn how to stretch properly