Six Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is a lifelong growth process that involves the integration of your mind, body and spirit.  What you think, feel and believe has an impact on your health and well-being. Independence is of critical importance for the 50+ adult and a significant component of wellness.

Six Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness can be broken down into 6 dimensions each of which has specific characteristics that define it. The more we can identify with the characteristics of each dimension the closer we are at achieving holistic wellness in this particular area of our lives.

1. Emotional Wellness

–   Awareness and acceptance on one’s feelings.

–   Degree to which an individual feels positive & enthusiastic about one’s self & life.

Characterized by;

      1. Recognize & express feelings
      2. Control stress
      3. Problem solve
      4. Manage success & failure
      5. Set Personal expectations


2. Intellectual Wellness

–   Use of one’s mind to create a greater understanding & appreciation of oneself & others.

–   It’s the ability to think creatively & rationally

Characterized by;

  1. Lifetime learning
  2. Using your mind
  3. Ability to learn
  4. Ability to think creatively
  5. Desire to explore new ideas


3. Physical Wellness

–  Participation in activities for cardiovascular endurance, muscular strengthening & flexibility

Characterized by;

      1. Fitness
      2. Nutrition
      3. Weight control
      4. Functional abilities
      5. Lifestyle habits
      6. Safety & health screenings


4. Social Wellness

–   Creation & maintenance of healthy relationships.

Characterized by;

      1. Respect of self & others
      2. Value differences
      3. Interaction with others & the environment
      4. Able to crate & maintain relationships


5. Spiritual Wellness

 –    Seeking meaning & purpose in human existence

–     Developing a strong sense of personal values & ethics

Characterized by;

      1. Discovering meaning & purpose in life
      2. Demonstrating values through behaviours, morals & ethics
      3. Self-determined
      4. Express love, hope and abundance


6. Vocational Wellness

– Achieving personal & occupational interest through meaningful activities

– Encourages goal setting for one’s personal enrichment

Characterized by;

      1. Occupation
      2. Recognition of abilities
      3. Personal mission & goals
      4. Learning new skills
      5. Developing new interest over time

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