“Small Steps make Big Differences”

There are few things in life that give you as big a return on your time and effort as does Physical Activity. More importantly, the benefits you receive are life changing. Scientists say you should accumulate 60 minutes of physical activity every day to stay healthy or improve health.  The table below identifies the far reaching benefits of starting and staying active.


Effect on Health

Reduces the risk of premature death Active people live longer with a better quality of life
Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease Strengthens the heart, cardiovascular system, and respiratory system to help fight cardiovascular disease
Decrease resting heart rate Reduces the daily wear and tear on the cardiovascular system
Keeps resting blood pressure normal Lessens the stress on the walls of the veins and arteries in the vascular system and reduces the risk of a coronary event or stroke
Improves heart efficiency Improves the ability to perform daily activities at higher intensities with greater ease
Decreases body fat Reduces the risk of major life-threatening diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes
Increases HDL (good) and decreases LDL (Bad) cholesterol Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and arthrosclerosis (Hardening of the arteries)
Lowers the risk of developing diabetes Keeps body fat in control, increases cellular sensitivity to insulin, helps regulate blood sugar levels
Promotes joint stability Increases strength of all connective tissue, decreasing susceptibility to injury
Increases muscular strength Improves ability to perform daily activities with less effort
Strengthen bones Helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis and reduces the chance of injury and broken bones
Increases muscle mass and decreases body fat Improves physique with more toned appearance, and the body burns more calories at rest an during exercise to sustain increased muscle
Increases resting metabolism More calories are required by the body at rest, which helps with weight management
Improves core strength Develops strong abdominals and back muscles for better posture and less chance of back pain
Improves balance, coordination, and agility All movements in daily life become easier and safer when the body has better control
Improves body image and self esteem Exercisers experience improved mental health and self –image
Reduces depression and anxiety An improved outlook on life makes all activities more enjoyable
Assist in stress management Everyday life becomes more enjoyable because the person has a positive way to deal with stress

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